And so it Begins…

If we have not yet had the pleasure, my name is Courtney. I am currently 23, and living in the South Metro of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  I have a cat, Haley, who I would give my life to. I also have a partner, Robert, who gives me life.  I love my job, and have a fantastic family.  All things considered, I am extraordinarily lucky.

Here we are.  It’s the day after Christmas, 2015.  The holidays are drawing to a close, celebrations are becoming less frequent, and the days are no longer vibrating with excitement.  Yes. Here we are.

Along with the holidays ending comes a terrible realization, a sinking feeling I can no longer avoid:  My food is making me sick.

I’ve done my very best to avoid this discovery, and no one can say that I haven’t tried to ignore it. As time goes along it just keeps getting harder and harder to keep it under wraps from myself.

Here’s what I know so far:

  • I have a gluten allergy.
  • I don’t do a fantastic job of being 100% gluten free
  • I have a very sensitive tummy
  • I feel ill after most meals
  • I am a sugar addict
  • I believe that my diet is negatively impacting my mental health
  • If wellness is a war, I am losing.

Fortunately, I have a game plan.  Over the course of 2016 I fully intend to cook everything I consume from scratch. “But, Courtney! WHY?!”  Because I have to, that’s why.  If I keep on going the way I am, I can’t see it ending well.  Even if I take medications to help me with my nausea after eating, it’s only treating the symptoms, not the disease.

So here’s the goals:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Drink more water
  • Re-dedicate myself to a gluten-free lifestyle
  • Do Better.

Here’s the exception to the rules:

  • I am not a miracle worker. These things take time.
  • I want to make my food from scratch, but I will be taking shortcuts within reason (ex: canned beans instead of dehydrated, canned tomato products instead of stewing my own tomatoes)
  • I have no intention of throwing out everything in my cupboards, so the first few months might still have some pre-fab goods thrown in there.
  • I expect R to eat what I make him, but I do not expect him to make himself everything from scratch
  • I want to try and break my sugar addiction, but one step at a time.  I’m more concerned with getting everything else in order before taking on that challenge.
  • I will still go out to eat on occasion, but only if I have good faith they make their products from scratch.

Let’s give it a go, shall we?  After all, I haven’t got a lot to lose.R&C


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